Bureau Travel Diaries: Dubai

In the time I was away, My fiance and I did a bit of travelling . I thought I would share a couple of snaps with you.

The first Destination was Dubai. I like Dubai primarily because I get restless when I am on holidays in non-city destinations. Having grown up in the city of Lagos , too much calm does not sit well with me.

Onto Dubai

The thing I loved most about Dubai is how it made room for the new and the lavish but the Old still has its place. Old Dubai was amazing, the Souk , the water and the people. 

We went on the water and had the whole boat to ourselves. I was beautiful and just what we needed after  the stress of Heathrow and a heavy Meal.

Beautiful Sunset
Beautiful Sunset
Brightly Lit Boats on the water
Brightly Lit Boats on the water

The next day, we took an hour long sea plane ride which was glorious as we got to see all of the city. It gave me a bit to think about regarding how cities are planned.

Industrial Dubai
Industrial Dubai
Old Dubai
Old Dubai
The Palm
The Palm

Please forgive the blurry nature of these pictures. Half of them were taken while in motion through a window.

I would like to visit Dubai again. This time with a lot of money and time to be able to thoroughly enjoy the city.



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