You haven’t missed the train

I wanted to come on here and talk about personal growth.some people are lucky enough to have it all together from the beginning .They know what they want , they are open about it and not afraid to speak their mind .They strive and hold out fit for what they want and they hold out and they don’t settle for anything less.That’s great .

At the other end of the spectrum is me and I’m sure a lot of women like me .Made the mistakes ,stumbled ,settled for less and been less than we could have been and we feel like having done all that ,there is no coming back from that .Right, no time machines exist so you can’t make these things unhappen but you can move on and make the past inconsequential by giving the ghost of you past a mega beat down !
1.Stop settling .I feel like we think we have to take certain things because it is the norm.Thats not true.It might take a while but my darling ,the world will recognise your effort and reward you

2.Positivity. get out of your head! I used to do this personally .I still do when I’m down.”They won’t like me”, “I don’t look as hot as I think”,”he won’t think I’m hot”,”I’m not gonna pass this course”.”they won’t hire me at the job”,”He can’t fancy someone like me”.STOP. Surround yourself with positive people and inspiring messages.If you are sure you are on the path you want to be .The path that gladdens your heart.Dont let anyone take that from you. Paulo Coelho and Iyanla Vazant are great.

3.Cutoff! I’d like to see change as a stepping stone or in simpler terms,moving houses. You have to clean house .You can’t do the same things and expect different results.Thats the definition of insanity. You have to let enablers go.People who embody things you don’t want to be. They have to be cutoff.its easier said than done cuz you will need to explain but stand your ground.I gets better😊

Women all over the world spend their lives trying to be a certain person and they never get there because they blog their own wheels .Be different lovelies😊. It is worth it

Love and light


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