Tattling Tartar

The title of this post is a bit of a laugh I know but It’s just me attempting to make light of an embarrassing situation.
Most of us have probably been in the type of situation where we hear something about a friend and more often than not it puts us in an awkward position.
I have very few friends so I don’t have trouble deciding where my loyalties lie but the problem is usually how the friend decides to deal with it.
I was recently put in that position and this friend had me looking stupid. Thankfully it wasnt an alliance I cared about so I wasn’t sad to see it go.
It had me wondering how much should you tell friends .I’ve always prided myself on being an open person but maybe it’s not a good thing.
Once again, I seem to have ended up babbling but its something we should all think about at some point.How safe is your safe haven?

Love &Light


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