As I write this I should be preparing for a test but I’ve sorta hit a dead end .im not distracted , My phone’s off and I was seated trying to make sure I hit the study material in my head but its just not happening . My mind began to wander and I kept thinking “how do those bad-ass women do it”. I’ve admired Desiree Rogers for ages though I’m not American .She was the social secretary for the White House in Obama’s 1st term. Her resume is stellar. I know its hard word and I’m ready to give my all to make my dreams come true and become a high earning executive in a Fortune 500 company. I had better get back to work now. I know this is the most random ramble ever but I’d like to remind myself anyway I can that I have to go the extra mile, do what it takes to become the woman I need to be.Pointers anyone?



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