Her eyes screamed as his hand pressed down over her mouth and he tried to undo his belt with the other. She tries to bite but he hits her and she slips out of consciousness for a couple of seconds. His pants are by his ankles now and he rips her dress in one motion. Its over she thinks and resigns herself to her fate.
“Wake up ,Wake up B, you’re gonna be late”
I don’t miss a beat ,the dream has become a part of reality. One minute, I’m staring into raging lustful eyes, another minute I’m back to the cosy confines of my tiny flat. I turn on the television with my toe while putting paste on my toothbrush and walk into the bathroom.

“Call the number below if you are a victim of such a heinous crime and we’ll take it from there, Let’s help stop rape for the sake of our young women, thank you”
The woman’s accent is posh and her hair is amazing. I wonder if I’m the only one that knows that it definitely doesn’t look that nice when she gets out of bed.
wonder if she knows how heavy the phone would be if I tried to dial that number. I wondered if the person on the other end will have a patronising tone and If she’ll feel my nakedness when she asks me to “feel free” to tell her anything. Will she see the scars on my soul?
I know Ill never know and neither will she. Florence and the machine comes on on the radio and my thoughts switch. Thank you Florence, Anything but that.



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