When I walk into a crowded place, I imagine everyone’s got a back story. My mind tends to color it up a bit but whatever. I love to see couples but I get bored with so many of them. They seem so tidy.

I don’t want the kinda love where you’re content because you think I’m perfect and I scream conformity. Don’t love me because you’ve done “okay” or because I’m nice.
Love me because I can’t sleep if I don’t feel the weight of your leg. Love me because I can’t pronounce your name the way everyone thinks it should be spelt. Love me because my stretch marks are shaped like dunes. Love me because I can’t see farther than I can throw.

I love you because your eyes aren’t conventionally pretty. I love you because when I stare at you, I forget the physical and the flames of your soul lap at me. I love you because even though I’ve given you all of me you still ask to hold my hand.
Its not conditional my darling. Just don’t love me because I’m Safe.


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