Can our paths align

Your face flashes in my head when all other thoughts have gone into hiding.
My subconscious doesn’t want to share you with anyone else and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I miss your mind and your voice then I realise its attached to your physical being.
Alas when I walk the beaches, you walk the pavement my darling. When I tread grass,you’re on water.
I used to think we lived in a world where distance didn’t matter as long as the hearts beat. I’m wiser now.
If you’d Come over to the shore when you see me skipping along it, I would dive in the ocean if I saw you swimming. Its not conditional my darling. I just want to see that your depth can absorb my fire.
I’ve asked heaven to help me be patient and kind without being blind.Ill pretend not to wait for you while I smile at handsome men and go dancing and I’d expect nothing less of you.
All I ask is that you see my face when you look into her eyes. Feel my curves when you make love to her. Hear my laughter in her voice. See my smile in her happiness.

Till our paths align…If they never do,Ill be content with the way my heart flutters when you sneak into my dreams.

Honor Thyself


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