Career or Romance

I have never been good at mixing romance and achievements. If I was with someone, I’d end up being so caught up in it all, some other area of my life would suffer. I recently begun a mini-career journey to getting chartered. Its really important to me and from the beaming smile and the constant phone calls about it from my dad, I can tell he’s over the moon about it as well.
I’m not looking to date anyone or develop any romantic entanglements for other reasons besides my professional life but every young and single woman should enjoy a casual date or the attentions of admirers. Thing here is,any mention of a date or Caring gives mini-panic attacks. It almost feels like I have to protect this little spark of independence. I got my 1st ever marriage proposal about a week ago. I doubt I’ve ever been so scared. There was no danger of me saying yes or considering it though. He’d just been someone who hung around like a puppy since I’d moved to the city 4 months ago.
These might just be worries associated with my age or stage in life but I wonder if its normal to have to have to choose. In my moments of doubt, I look at women like Bey and I’m inspired by the fact that she put her dreams and her family 1st and never let her goals out of her line of vision. And when the time came,she found a man who seemed to want to do nothing more than support and grow with her. Ill figure it out as I go I guess. Sometimes we all just need reassurance that sacrifices we make won’t be for nothing.

Honor yourself


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