Surprising Words of wisdom(kinda)

I was on the phone with my security guard and he’d told me about a man that’d come looking for me. This man had supposedly been in love with me since I was 18 years old. We’ll call him cool with a K. He couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t give Mr.Kool a chance even though he’d shown his devotion for years.
My security guard is named John. John said “when my girl and I loved each other, we wouldn’t speak for months and we knew when it came down to it, our hearts beat for each other.Your heart can learn to beat for another if you’ll let it” Obviously he was less articulate and he was most likely talking like that cuz Mr Kool had slipped him some money..
I wonder if its possible to get your heart to beat for someone. I always thought it would do whatever it wanted. I like (almost adore) the feeling of being in love but I know it doesn’t come easily. When its ready, I’m sure my heart will skip beats for some special man and I will adore the ground because he has walked it. I hope we all find the kinda love we think we deserve.

Super rant from B


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