Broken- hearted Darling

I recently read an article/ story on Linda Ikeji’s blog about a babe whose boyfriend of 5 years had gotten married while they had been dating. He had gone on holiday to Nigeria from the UK and refused to return or even talk to her when she found out. I’m not going to say I know what she’s going through because I don’t and I have felt enough heartache to know that something of that magnitude can’t be easy. I could go on a tangent and curse and blame him but it wouldn’t help anybody.

Everyone assumed there were signs and she should have known. Its quite sad really. In giving so much of herself for so long, she expected she had earned the right to receive his loyalty or at least honesty in return. If only that were the case. If we were friends, I’d help her rationalise this and know that He just wasn’t meant for her. Plain and simple. Sometimes you will find that the object of your affection isn’t worthy of it and just because he gives his heart to another doesn’t make you any less of a woman. I’ve begun to believe in the grand scheme of things. I’d rather end up with Zeus(Golden-haired ruler of the Gods) after so much tribulation than be with Hades( bleh, dark God of the underworld) because it will easy.

Broken-hearted darling, Suns will rise without him and as long as you keep your head up, Someone will find the beauty in your pain and shield you from all that seeks to harm you. He will honor you and treat you like the queen you show that you are(just in case everyone thinks this applies to them) When you feel alone and you will , ask God to be with you. He will replace that emptiness with purpose. He will replace the loneliness with love and compassion. Keep your head high Beautiful.

Standard rant from B
Honor Yourself


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