Signature Style/ Fashion Walkabout

I have always been drawn to shows that showcase amazing style. So it was almost natural that I looked at my fave characters when I decided it was time to put together my signature style. Gossip girl,the 90210 remake, Sex and the city(of course), lipstick jungle are a few shows off the top of my head that never left me wanting.
But as much as I adored blaire Waldorf’s preppiness, I hated that her clothes seemed like they would scream effort in reality. Serena vanderwoodsen screamed Siren and would be too inappropriate for me.I couldn’t pull off the braless look sadly,and all those thigh high slits, tights and layering would have me confused. Though I adored Miranda in sex and the city,I didn’t see myself wearing a red suit. Don’t question my orientation!Its my society that’s the problem. I’d be willing to try almost anything to be adventurous with my fashion choices but I don’t have that luxury.

I decided to step out of television and look around at women that sorta had the same aesthetic as me. Victoria Beckham is one woman who looks like she might have helped come up with the word fashion. With her money and access,sigh…she probably did. I love her commitment to the outfits. When you wear a pair of sky high heels that pull an outfit together,you spending the whole night complaining about it tends to detract from the wow she’s so fabulous bit.

Most important bit to me is that clothes be feminine. The female body is so beautiful but it can be tricky. As long as something is feminine, I don’t think you can do much wrong. I’m still trying to figure it out so please bear with my rants. Hopefully Ill evolve style-wise to the point where I put on a black dress and Ill look like my maiden name is Gania Moschino Dolce Valentino Wang. A girl can dream!

Standard Rant from B
Honoring Myself


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