How much would you like to offend people?

When I saw this picture, I smiled! I could imagine some fab lady walking in the room and she’d make the other ladies huddle around each other and throw looks of envy her way. They’d be all “look at her walking in here like she owns the place”, “look at her sipping her wine like the damned Queen”.

Its almost instinctive for people to get a bit defensive when someone comes around and seems to be able to do things better than everyone. Dressing and looks are no exception. I’m still trying to decipher(yep!Its very serious) and come up with a signature style. I’ve never been one who wanted to stir things up. Always been content to take pleasure in my look and not bother about impressing anyone(at least not consciously). This year has been one of new beginnings for me. Maybe its high time I sought to get my game up there and offend! Just ruin someone’s mood because my look is too fab!

I’d think of Diddy and Tom Ford in this case for men. Its obvious,they aim to offend and they do it so well! I can’t for the life of me think of women to put in this slot now(its not because I’m a hater).
Moving on, I hope to be able to come on here in a couple of months,with pictures of course and show you how my style has discerned itself(I will have before and after) and I hope you will be offended.

Standard rant from B
Honor Yourself


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