You can say that again Oprah!

I saw the picture above and it kinda quantified what I had been trying to tell myself but I couldn’t find the right words. Sometimes you get so used to being down in the dumps that you forget its fun and healthy to be happy and appreciate what you have.
Take a step back, Look around you and you’ll see its not as bad as you think. I did that last week and I’ve never felt lighter. I’m not ignoring the problems but I’m being positive and not letting life get me down. I’ve noticed there’s always some activity that helps lifts peoples spirits. As a woman, you could try getting dolled up. Remind yourself how pretty you are. As a guy, it could be a game with the fellas or a night with the boys. Whatever it is, do it.I’m not just a preacher, I practice these things. They make a difference.
When you decide to focus on the bad, it changes you and you become unpleasant without intending to. I hear it helps to start your day with saying what your thankful for . You could choose different objects to take count so you’re not fixed on the same number. You’ll be surprised at how much county thingys you’ll soon be needing.
All this talk of appreciation has me thinking of Valentines. The one day when its almost constitutional even to treat your man/ woman like the earthly kings/ Queens that they are. The ability to love someone is a beautiful thing and I hope Y’all are brainstorming ways to slap a grin on someone’s face. Single people can do something for their mothers. They love that.

Standard Rant from your girl B
Honor Yourself


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