There was a lot of wonder in me today. A little more than I’d like. I wondered what kinda woman I had been in the life before this. Had I been brave? Had horses neighed because my walk redefined the strut? I wondered if I had been graceful and borne children. Had I loved with my body and spirit?Had I been nubian or had my skin been porcelain.
I’ve never thought the idea of a life before this was very farfetched.I’ve always been a tad too idealistic when it came to some things. I have found that life chips away at bits like that and if you let it,it’ll leave you bare.
I wondered If my breasts had been full and surpassed only by the span of my hips,If I had been blessed with a big heart and easy manner.
I know ill never know but wondering never hurt anyone.

Honor Thyself.


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