My darling Addie

I want to show you the world. How big it is ,I want you to see how far the seas spread,how they seem like diamonds. How endless the deserts seem,How the trees redefine the color green. I can only hope that when you see the work of the Almighty, You will look upon the world with new eyes. You will refuse to give pieces of your eternity to mere mortals. Some will refuse to give you pieces of theirs but its okay my darling. Never forget you are worthy. The one worth your eternity will adore the ground because you’ve walked on it. And where you fall short,he will be patient and help you learn.

I have always thought my soul recycled, I don’t claim wisdom beyond my years but my heart aches for things my eyes haven’t seen. I just have to accept that my mind just can’t remember seeing them. But this is about you my darling.

You will seek to help others because it will gladden your heart. I hope you find peace in the simple and not falter in the complicated. I wanted you before I knew what it felt like to want someone. My God would never let me want someone less than extraordinary. I will refrain from the negative. Ill wait to guide you through it. I adore you so much for all you give me without being here.

As you’ll find, I tend to stray, but as long as you have the gifts of people and the gift of you. I know all will always be well with you. Till we meet my darling.



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