A lady in the streets…

I always wanted to be a badass at lap dances . I don’t mean the practice in the mirror type of good. I mean Holly Madison peepshow kinda good.
As a woman,being a good lover means having the basics down Pat and having a chest full of tricks ready and waiting. Our bodies are like giant goody bags. There’s always a “partay” favor hiding somewhere.
I should mention now that in learning to please yourself and your man(I say yourself because I read that only 28% of women will achieve orgasm And that just won’t do!) porn is not the way. I don’t understand how some lady with fake sexual reactions can teach me how to be a good lover. I think it starts with being giving. We like the idea of a man that aims to please, I’m pretty sure they’d like that in a woman too. If you’ve got the best intentions,you’ll both be sated.
Wardrobe is key! Men can’t really wear more underwear than a pair of shorts and that’s good for them. Simply put,you don’t want to bring your a-game in your granny panties. I’m a huge fan of the garter belt and the thigh high stockings.If I was a man,I’d buy loads for my girl. I digress. My point is dress up for him. When he texts you saying” I can’t get your purple lace panties outta my head”,the feeling will be worth it.
If you want to be appreciated,give him reason to miss you in every room i.e. The bedroom,the kitchen,every spare room.
Pleasure is a word I’ve refused to use sparingly simply because not many people can give it. If you want laying with you to be a whole new experience then you gotta put the work in.

Standard rant from your girl B(I smiled a lot this time)
Honor Thyself
Twitter: Gania_B


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