Hold my hand

I turned my phone on today and the 1st message I saw was from my friend ,we’ll call him Smokey. His girl had just said she wanted a break. I tried to think of everything I would want someone to say to me. But the truth is words are never really enough. The only thing you want to hear is “You got punk’d” and everything you told each other didn’t just mean nothing.
You’ll wake up heavy hearted and it will take you a few seconds to realize why your heart feels that way. I told him he would meet a girl who would adore the ground just because he had walked on it.
We all have our own journeys nd no matter what’s happening with us,we have to realize that just because someone decides you aren’t what they want doesn’t mean someone hasn’t spent their whole life looking for you.
Nwabisa says:”When you feel alone,text me,call me,skype,tweet me, and I will be there and I will fall short. Where I do,ask God to be with you. He will fill a void nobody can.” As long as the sun rises,Keep it moving no matter what .

Another standard rant from your girl B
Honor Thyself.


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