Ambitious girl

First off, when I look at the picture above, I translate it to mean,if you really want to find,You will go looking,if you look deep enough,the journey won’t be fruitless. Plus he found a freaking mermaid!

“I am a Gemini, I have so many talents and I don’t know which to focus on” Bleh! That’s what my horoscope told me.
I’ve chosen to believe only the parts that say “Gemini is sexy,Gemini is independent,Gemini is a lover”.

A few days ago and I was reviewing my personal statement the other day and my career path became clear(well kinda). I have never been one to have dreams. I knew I wanted to be successful and be a role model to my girls but I have never known how.

I should be thankful for disappointments as well because if everything had gone according to plan,I would have become one of those women who just goes with the flow.
I won’t outline it here because I’m not ready to share just yet but I’m glad for the first time in years about the professional path I’ve chosen to take. I know so many women who don’t know what they want to do and that’s ok. Some women see accomplishments as different things. Some see family,others see beauty, I’ve never been one for the physical because I spend the time I’m not working, daydreaming. If you’re yet to find what it is you want,Keep at it and all will be as it should be.

Standard and happy rant from B
Honor Thyself


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