Work Bants

I’ve never lived in Landan town. So I feel like I shouldn’t say bants but these things travel you know!
Its my 3rd week at this new job and its been bleh! When I worked at the CBN,I liked my key card, the candy yum yums I got to see and the drama. Here the pace is very slow and I know I can do way better than the men who approach me. One of them said he’d like to walk me to my car today. It was funny because the chivalrous thing to do woulda been to help me with the heavy bag I was carrying. Breda didn’t even glance twice at it.
I had to introduce myself to everyone at the meeting a few days ago and some guy asked if I was single. Yes, in front of everyone. I wonder if that counts as “intent to commit sexual harrassment” .I pride myself on being able to come up with crimes where there are none.
Its 5am and I’m wondering what to wear to work. Just wanted to talk to the people who I can’t see but I feel can relate.

Standards rants yo from ya girl!(in keeping with the theme of the post)
Honor Thyself.


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