I got nap checked!(natural hair rant)

One chic at work I’m yet to decide if I can tolerate at work decided to give me a piece of advice concerning natural hair.
Chic goes: why can’t you make your hair presentable,some people even wash their hair like everyday.
I looked like someone had stepped on my sexy boots! If I wasn’t at work,I probably woulda done a little reverse crip walk while saying “back the hell up”.*bows low* I should get a 10 on my dramatic imagery. I always try to reason with people before realizing “Oh wait,I can choose not to have this conversation”.I just told her to talk to me about something else. I’m yet to turn around and walk away while the person is mid sentence but I might start someday.
It was a chip in my dainty armor but I guess you can’t win em all .

Standard rant from B
Honor Thyself
Twitter: @Gania_B


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