As strong as I am brittle.

I wrote so many titles up in the header box but they all seemed so depressing. I hate to be a downer really. I want to be that fun blog lady not bitter or too deep that people want to punch me.

I stumbled upon today. Someone had prescribed it as a cure for a broken heart. In true me fashion, I found it amusing. I could relate to the pain but I don’t think I’d ever join a forum mostly because I would die if the cause of my heartache saw it. I was particularly interested in what people felt when the object of their affection started seeing someone else. I didn’t get far mostly because of my really chatty inner voice. It kinda chided me and told me I was strong and It would pass.

I’m thankful for my strength because with my sensitivity, this girl can trip! As you grow older you realize that you should always let go of the things that don’t want you as much as you want them.

For the people,who are blessed in other ways besides a strong heart, I hope you know that as long as the sun rises everyday,there will be so much more to live for.

Standard rant from your girl B
Honor Thyself.


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