I thought you knew….

I’m laying in bed true to form,At 3 am and letting some show play on my laptop and I heard those words. I realised I had heard that a lot and It was quite stupid.
Scenario 1: Tall man,Strong brow,soft hands,nice mouth comes to talk to me at work about something totally irrelevant. Took clueless B a couple of minutes to realize he didn’t want anything in particular. Days turn into weeks…Nothing’s happened (by my doing) and then I realize he’s wearing a ring in some picture he’s put up. I still had to ask” Are you Married?”.He smiles and says “I thought you knew”.
Scenario 2: Not the most beautiful man but life’s done a number on him. The type that makes you feel like there’s something to explore. He’s not very good at wooing so he’s not getting very far with B. I go to have drinks with the girls and I meet his girlfriend. I always lose my appetite in situations like this. Needless to say I was quiet for the rest of the night. He said; I didn’t want to talk about it and I thought you knew.
Scenario 3: Old soul, rugged hands,interesting mind. A little too rough around the edges for my taste so he hasn’t seen much of me but it isn’t for lack of trying. I just assumed with the amount of attention I’m getting that he has to either be single or jobless to have so much time on his hands. Wrong ,wrong B. He comes with a wife and child but its nothing because”We can come to an understanding”.
I’m not the type to get out my inner Nancy Drew for a romantic interest. But it seems Ill be needing Sherlock Holmes so that next time they think I know, I actually will.

Another rant from B,
Honor Thyself.


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