Single and Singed?

I came across some girls blog about a year ago, and she had gone off dating till age 25.I’m not sure if dating means all other parts of you are up for grabs except your heart. You crazy kids nowadays!!

I smiled when I saw it and I knew I’d most likely do that at some point in my life and I’m at that point now.
If I went on twitter with such a proclamation,I’d be tagged as bitter, lonely and attention-seeking.None of those things describe me nor do they describe the lady who owned that blog. We both love life and are vibrant, fun-loving and romantics at heart.
I just think some women are lucky to find everything laid out in front of them as they go along and others have to take a step back and lay their lives out consciously. It helps to be self-assured while on this journey of actualization.Some find it easy to be with others while otherS need to be alone to find their centre.

As 2012 comes to an end,I won’t be looking for any mistletoes or handsome men to stand under it with me.Ill be looking in the mirror and learning to be happy with what I see and improve that which doesn’t gladden my heart and I won’t be any less of a woman.

Another ramble from your girl B.
Honor Thyself.


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