Are you a sabotager

“If you meet someone whose soul is not aligned with yours, give them love and move on”

I was on youtube some late night when I came across some lady with the most alluring husky voice,beautiful face and hair.Her name’s AmandaG. At least that was the name of her channel.
She talked about women who know they have it good with their men but choose to pick on the non-existing faults. Then when their efforts pay off I.e. They break up,the lady beats herself up.
It really made me think and wonder if I had been doing that. I felt like I had been on the receiving end but seeing as the concept was new to me,I couldn’t say for sure.
I read somewhere that when some women get something good,it scares them and they destroy it because they feel undeserving. Whatever the reason is,STOP! Well unless you don’t want to be in a relationship then carry on by all means .
Another rambling session from your girl B.
Honor Thyself


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