Treat your God and goals the way you’d treat your man

I’m a huge procrastinator!Mega! I always want to do something but if I’m not forgetting about it,I always feel like there will be a better time to do it. I have been slacking in a lot of aspects in my life. I woke up today to pray and I was going to put that off till later as well then I realised if I looked at my God and my goals with love I would never put them off.
I’m not proud of the fact that I place mortals over the one to whom I owe everything but I’m so glad that occured to me today.I have already read that for those who seek God’s face,his hand (his gifts,his attention) come easily. If I seek to impress the almighty and do as he says someday I hope I will be honored.

Mini rant about me I know.I hope it helps someone.



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