Mrs Right

Warning:Lengthy Post and munched Pics because I think its weird to take pictures off their instagram.

I recently started following a man called Enitan Bereola on twitter. He’s a relationship specialist( forgive me if that’s not the term) and he has a lot to say about how relationships happen nowadays. Another relationship expert Tony Gaskins also got me thinking. He has a couple of videos on Facebook. I watched a few and I would encourage young women to watch them.One is titled”Stop Praising Boyfriends”. He addresses the issue of women treating boyfriends like husbands and praising them for doing stuff they should do in order to win your heart and respect. I haven’t got the link but I’m sure a goodle search will suffice. Enitan and Tony are married and yound and handsome and financially stable so I think their advice seems more genuine than hearing those words coming from some bitter spinster or old man who won’t view it from a youthful perspective. They made quite a few points I found rather interesting.Some are :

    Chivalry is for women too.-This is something I’m guilty of.Women tend to get lazy and expect the men to do everything and save them.A man will appreciate a woman who takes care of him as much as he does her.

    They say “love won’t pay bills.” But on your death bed will you think about the bills you paid or the love you had?- A lot of women get hurt and decide they are done with love and dating and become this bitter people. Its easy to say you should look at every disappointment as a blessing but its hard.I know that .We need to just focus on ourselves and learn from what went wrong.

    Giving our body away too easily/Benefits of celibacy-Its rare to sEe a couple who aren’t “bumping uglies”.It is expected of you even.He talks about how we should make a man work for us,make him earn our gifts.The gift of attention,the gift of our bodies,the gift of our hearts.

    There’s always so much to learn in this crazy world and I hope as we grow, we learn more than our years.Bless .
    Be sure to follow them on twitter at @TonyGaskins @bereolaesque


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