Being Natural

Being natural is really a journey!We all think our hair is going to look like this Solange’s big head of hair or tracee Ellis Ross not like my wooly hair.
I transitioned for five months ,woke up one morning and chopped my hair off.The boyfriend was very supportive so I guess that helped.
The one thing I know is chopping my hair made me look at my face and see it in a whole new light.I did freak out a few days later and wonder what I had done .

3 months later I’ve never really experienced that freedom that all the youtube ladies said they did.I adore the ridges and waves I see in my hair when its out of braids but I was never liberated to get my sister act. I honestly am very close to getting texlaxed again.I never had unhealthy relaxed hair,I just treated it badly.I’m still undecided but I mostly miss not having to think about what I’m doing to my hair.I wonder if anyone feels like that too?


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