We arent Trees/Welcome

I saw a picture the other day, it said “If you don’t like where you are,change it!,You are not a tree”.It made it seem like we could just get up,lift everything we are and go elsewhere. The physics of it sounds easy but the reality can be daunting. In my case,it would be easy seeing as I hadn’t achieved much.

There’s so much we all want to do but we don’t because we assume we need to stay where we are. It not true. I like clothes for example,always wanted to start a business. You know that smile you get when you try on a dress that reminds you what lovely curves you have,a skirt that makes you want to kiss your own ass, I want to be able to give people that. I figured I would start a blog about it. An oh so little step in that direction.

I’m not really the pep talker as we can see.All I’m saying is We can all take that little or large(for those gutsy women out there) step in the direction we want.

Thank you for reading…


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