The tuxedo Jacket

I’m a huge huge fan of looking dapper and lucky for us,the experts decided it wasn’t just for the gents.I’m not a fan of Janelle Monae’s predictable, expected clothing choices but she makes this look effortless. I am a huge sucker for long lean lines. I adore women like Zoe saldana and Charlize Theron for their lithe figures.

Noone does blazers better than Balmain in my opinion but seeing as I’m not married to my Arab-made of money-boo yet,We should come down to the affordables. I’m a huge fan of checking sites like polyvore so I’m able to see a number of items before deciding.polyvore gives you options from far and wide.

My Nigerian fashionistas sadly don’t have access to all these sites.Luckily, Asos delivers to Nigeria and its free!I hear amazon has begun to deliver as well.I can’t confirm it as I’ve never done it. For the ladies who can though. I would recommend eBay as well.The warehouse blazer below in below is also very chic.
warehouse jacket


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