Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock,I’m sure you’d have seen solange a number of times on blogs,magazine,or even shampoo commercials(Carols daughter).

From the way she talks in interviews,I think she just does what and wears what she likes and we like it!

I’m a huge fan of hers!From her hair to her unexpected but still relatable fashion choices. Her latest song Losing you is not really my style even though I played most of her other previous ones to breaking point. I love that regardless of the put downs by practically everyone about being a lesser beyonce, she’s still doing her thing. Besides her fashion choices,I’m talking about her because she’s my idea of a go-getter,seemingly unafraid to try new things. Someone to admire.

Solo’s pants in the second picture are available at Asos in blue,pink and burgandy. I promise they fit better. I haven’t gotten the hang of hyperlinks on this yet but ill paste the link should you want to check it out.
Asos pants in soft shine

Thanks for reading.

Solange at the Ferragamo Store Opening

Solange at the Ferragamo Store Opening


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